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The Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council is a member of the Solar Ready II (SRII) team that is participating in the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative Rooftop Solar Challenge (RSCII). Through SRII and RSCII, SWFRPC will implement solar energy best management practices (BMPs) that will lead to more streamlined and standardized solar processes in addition to making solar energy more cost competitive in their region. For more information about SRII please visit NARC.org/solarready.

SWFRPC RegionSWFRPC encompasses six counties in the Southwest Florida area: Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry, Lee, and Sarasota Counties. As a member of the Solar Ready II team, SWFRPC plans to transform the solar energy market in Southwest Florida by eliminating the current market barriers, reducing balance of system costs, and making solar energy a real solution to the U.S. energy crisis. Through its SRII project, SWFRPC will build upon and complement the State of Florida Statewide Energy Resiliency and Assurance Plan project (SERAP). This plan develops strategies and implementation methods so that Florida can provide analysis concerning the state’s energy policy practices and usage.

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The Best Management Practices (BMP's) selected by the region is as follows:
  1. Develop Solar Ready Guidelines: Background Information  |  Solar Ready Guidelines Template: PDF | DOCX
  2. Address Solar in the Zoning Code and Adopt a Solar Ordinance: Background Information  |  Solar Ready Ordinance Template: PDF | DOCX
  3. Create a permit checklist: Background Information  |  Solar Ready Permitting Template: PDF | DOCX
Solar Best Management Practices Package - This package includes each of the three templates from above.
View the complete list of suggested Best Management Practices.
In order to fulfill the Solar Ready grant requirements, each of the Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council's jurisdictions must complete the Jurisdiction Scoring Summary. The analysis of this questionnaire (also known as SM3s) will be used as a guide to determine solar readiness for the region.

View the the SM3s jurisdiction snapshot to the left to see if your jurisdiction still needs to submit the Jurisdiction Scoring Summary.

View Southwest Florida SM3 Response Analysis for July 2014.
An additional grant requirement for the Solar Ready II project consists of gathering support from each of our local jurisdictions.

In an effort to comply with the Solar Ready II grant requirements, the SWFRPC is requesting that each of our local jurisdictions fill out the COMMITMENT FORM LETTER. The signatory is at your discretion.



  • Jennifer Pellechio, Deputy Director/Grants Manager
  • 239-338-2550 x218
  • jpellechio@swfrpc.org

  • Rebekah Harp, Planner II/IT Administrator
  • 239-338-2550 x217
  • rharp@swfrpc.org