The Approach

Tackle the Soft Costs

Rooftop solar panels cost about 1% of what they did 35 years ago. It's the non-hardware "soft costs" of solar, including permitting, zoning and connection fees, that remain the biggest price barrier - making up as much as 60% of a single rooftop solar installation.

Streamline Processes

Lack of streamlined processes across the country increase time and expenses when going solar: In the U.S., there are 18,000 jurisdictions, 5,000 utilities and 50 states with different rules and regulations related to solar installations.


The teams brought together city, county and state officials, regulatory entities, private industry, universities, local utilities, and other stakeholders to clear a path for rapid expansion of solar energy and to serve as models for communities across the country.

    The Results

Online Permitting

Eliminate the paper chase by putting permitting and plug-in approval processes online for millions.

Group Rates

Help neighbors go solar together by spurring group purchasing programs, driving down total system costs.

Permitting Time

Shorten permitting wait time and reduced permitting fees.